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Newsletter January 2004

Posted by   on: March 25th, 2011 x DressHead Belted Black Skater Dress – Red / Long Sleeves / Belt At Waist

Our skater dress in red offers the feminine details that you love, and that help you look your best. This x dresshead store was created from a soft touch stretch jersey that is breathable and that helps you stay fresh and cool during the warmer months of the year. The fabric content is 95% Viscose with 5% Elastane added for a nice, comfortable stretch. The dress features an attractive vee neckline and a matching self tie that can be fashioned any way you like. Some wear it tied in a bow. Others tie it loosely and allow it to hang down the front of the dress. This chiffon dress was designed with a regular fit in mind. It is true to size. This dress has long sleeves that are nicely fitted without being too tight. It is a mini length dress with the hemline ending at the upper thigh portion of the leg. The skirt is flirty and full at the bottom. We are offering this belted black skater dress – red / long sleeves / belt at waist available for purchase in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

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Each year in Southeastern Pennsylvania, thousands of dollars in damages occur to homes and personal property as well as sadly, the loss of life.

Since there are not many public pressurized water systems in rural areas, fire companies need to haul water long distances in order to control fires. Besides the time spent traveling to and from the water source to refill the water tankers, expensive fuel is being burned up by the trucks. Having easily accessible water available, particularly in the winter months, is also important to the fire fighters.

To help protect communities and facilitate fire fighting efforts, the Southeastern PA RC&D Council Area, led a project to strategically install dry fire hydrants throughout the region.

Dry fire hydrants are non-pressurized pipe systems that provide a quick and safe way for fire companies to obtain water from ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. Fire companies hook up a hose from the fire truck or water tanker directly to the dry fire hydrant and withdraw water by suction from the water source.

The dry fire hydrant pipes are permanently installed underground with only the hydrant head sticking above the ground. An intake strainer pipe extends out into the water source below the surface.

Additional benefits of dry fire hydrants can include potentially lower insurance rates for property owners, conservation of drinking water reservoirs during times of droughts, and use of water for dust control on construction sites or unpaved roads.

Funding for the project was provided by the US Forest Service in cooperation with the PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry.

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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Resource Conservation and Development Council’s GeoTrail will consist of a series of geocache sites in the Southeastern Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Berks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia.   These unique geocache sites will provide local residents as well as tourists the opportunity to visit, enjoy, and learn about natural, cultural, historical, and other locally significant places in the region. The SEPA RC&D GeoTrail is an activity that can be enjoyed for an afternoon, a weekend, or through a series of day trips. This project will expose people to some of the region’s lesser known tourist attractions, but equally interesting and unique sites. This project is expected to generate an additional $800,000 for the region’s economy over a three year period.

There are currently over 900,000 active geocache sites located in over 200 countries around the world. A similar project in Northwestern Pennsylvania, The Allegheny GeoTrail, has logged over 48,000 individual visits to geocache sites in less than two years and will generate an estimated $400,000 for the local economy.  Avid geocachers plan their vacations around geocaching. Over 5,000 geocachers from 32 countries participated in the 2009 GeoWoodstock in Tennessee. More information about geocaching can be found at or by searching the internet

A passport-like booklet will contain tourism information for each county and a page to record the validation stamps of their geocache site visits in each county. The passports can be obtained by visiting or contacting the SEPA RC&D office, county tourism offices, parks, and other local locations. A downloadable version of the passport will also be available on the project website.

The geocache sites will be selected and monitored by local geocache volunteers. They will be located in free, public locations. There will be a mixture of difficulty levels, including some that will be handicap accessible. At each site a SEPA RC&D GeoTrail identified waterproof container will contain a log book for geocachers to record their visit and comments, a unique SEPA RC&D GeoTrail self-inking stamp, and a small exchangeable trinket in keeping with geocache tradition. There will be approximately 15 geocache sites in each county.

Upon visiting at least 10 sites in a county, the geocachers will be eligible to receive a specially minted souvenir coin. The coin will feature a unique county design on one side and the SEPA RC&D GeoTrail logo on the other side. The coins will be individually numbered and trackable on the website. Besides a different design, each county’s coin will also be made of a different colored metal.  The county coins will be approximately the size of a silver dollar. To receive a coin, the geocachers can visit one of six planned geocache events.

After visiting geocache sites in all eight counties and obtaining the eight county coins, a geocacher will be eligible to receive the SEPA RC&D GeoTrail coin.

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The Farm Bioenergy Project is an opportunity to support local agriculture, stimulate economic development in the region, protect the environment, and reduce dependency on foreign oil.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Resource Conservation and Development Council is leading a partnership effort that will build and operate a mobile processing unit called the Kwesinator to produce alternative fuels and a valuable soil amendment.

The Kwesinator will convert biomass such as switchgrass hay through a process called fast pyrolysis. The Kwesinator will be built upon a proven research model developed by scientists at the USDA Ag Research Service Center in Wyndmoor (Montgomery County), PA.

Southeastern PA RC&D wants to incubate this new technology because it will create additional sources of revenue for local farmers, lead to the creation of green jobs, and the formation of new businesses in rural communities.

The Kwestinator

By 2020, the US Navy expects 50% of its total energy consumption for ships, aircraft, tanks, vehicles and shore installations to come from alternative sources.

Fast Pyrolysis is a process through which biomass is very quickly heated to a high temperature (greater than 750° F in less than 1 second) without oxygen present and changed into three useable products. They are bio-oil, bio-char, and syngas. The conversion rate is approximately 70% bio-oil, 20% bio-char, and 10% syngas.

Bio-oil is dark brown in color and can be used without processing as heating oil or as a fuel source for the generation of electricity. Bio-oil has approximately half the heating value of traditional heating oil. It can also be refined for use as diesel and aviation fuel.

Bio-char is a graphite looking-like powder. It can be used as a soil amendment to adsorb excess nutrients, pesticides, other potential pollutants, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. This reduces the potential for the leaching of these pollutants into the region’s streams, ponds, and lakes. Bio-char can also help improve soil tilth. It can be used as a fuel source (sort of a “green” coal) to generate heat or electricity.

Air quality in ports and harbors could also be improved if tugboats used the bio-oil for fuel since it is a low-sulfur fuel.

The Kwesinator will go to farms in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties to process switchgrass or other biomass material into bio-oil, bio-char, and syngas onsite.

To promote the technology and encourage others, the Southeastern PA RC&D Council will display the Kwesinator at the PA Farm Show, Ag Progress Days, energy expos, and county fairs. The Council will also make information available through a project website.

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Entrepreneurship for High School Students

The SEPA RC&D sponsored Entrepreneurship and Small Business Workshops for students at 4 Lehigh County high schools. These workshops reached over 200 students. Representatives from SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) and Ben Franklin Technology Partners presented the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. Topics discussed included: entrepreneurial characteristics, evaluating your idea, market research, creating a Master Operating Manual (containing all plans, procedures, reports, financial info, etc.), and record keeping.

Young entrepreneurs from Lehigh valley Grand Prix, EchoTech Marine, and Wealth Keys Financial gave engaging talks on various aspects of their entrepreneurial experience. This was followed up by a question and answer session and a discussion of free and low cost resources available.

The project’s goals were to:

  • Make students aware of entrepreneurship and discuss alternatives to the typical high school summer jobs.
  • Increase students’ knowledge of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Motivate students with peer examples.
  • Promote usage of further resources available at SCORE, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and on the web.
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The Southeastern PA RC&D Council is reaching out to farmers of: small, organic, transitioning to organic, specialty crop, and livestock in the region, to let them know about the many programs available through the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. To achieve that goal, and to encourage traditionally underserved farmers, the Council has hired a consultant.


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Jack Preston, President of the PA Association of RC&D Councils presenting SEPA RC&D Chair Karen Holm the Circle of Diamonds Award

The Southeastern PA Resource Conservation and Development Council was awarded Circle of Diamonds status in 2010. (more…)

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Separcd x DressHead Form Fitting Tank Top – Bedazzled Design Near The Breasts

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Circle of Diamonds Certificate of Excellence

Southeastern PA RC&D Council is proud to be inducted into the Circle of Diamonds program.

The Circle of Diamonds is a national certification that demonstrates compliance with the requirements of the RC&D statute and best non-profit management practices. Every year, the NARC&DC recognizes individuals, RC&D Councils, and partners who have done an exemplary job of delivering the RC&D Program to their communities.

Congratulations to all partners, supporters, staff and volunteers who made this happen!