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Partially, the schooling that is British could be when compared with professional education offered by specialized faculties and schools of the CIS countries. The idea of “later” incorporates all kinds of education after school, using the exemption of degree, aimed at teaching or obtaining, including packages for access into schools.

What kind of education is essential for admission? For admission to the English program’s following configuration takes a certification of complete secondary GSCE or its equivalent of delivery, including: the Document of Secondary Education.


English learners who have finished from planning and high-school to have a first higher-education, held a two- training program for university. These plans are called A-levels. Access A- plan distinguishes the British education process from additional programs, and sometimes international students arriving at research in the united kingdom, begin their knowledge with applications particularly A-degrees.

Scholar at A-levels selects topics for review, advised from the requirements of the college, in which he plans todo at A’s end -ranges. On matters examined 3-4 – exams are rented by pupil upon completion in their studies at the A. These exams are also school entrance examinations.

The plan An is offered by British colleges – degrees, called -form?? – Schools year of review, after 5 years of English obligatory secondary education.

Cornerstone – training curriculum in the University

In the united kingdom, you can find two forms of Cornerstone applications. writing a personal statement Foundation for overseas learners is usually called Worldwide Basis. These packages were created for foreign pupils who have finished from high-school athome and those desperate to enter the united kingdom schools. Because two’s English process – training program in senior high school A-quantities are necessary for British learners, students who finished from school that is high within the CIS countries, it’s essential to supplement their secondary training into a UK college for entry. Foundation Programs for International Students, let you prepare for accessibility to your English school in the program.

Base, allows you and function to combine review. English universities and companies develop jointly these programs, and practice experts, who just after the study visit the appropriate corporation.

Training that is professional

The types and options for the preparation of skilled skills in the united kingdom have become varied. Pupils can blend function and qualified pursuits, acquiring a vital knowledge and capabilities. Being among the most common subjects studied at instruction plans that are skilled – organization, interpersonal work, engineering, design and IT coding, craft, hairdressing.

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