Circle of Diamonds

Posted by   on: March 25th, 2011

Jack Preston, President of the PA Association of RC&D Councils presenting SEPA RC&D Chair Karen Holm the Circle of Diamonds Award

The Southeastern PA Resource Conservation and Development Council was awarded Circle of Diamonds status in 2010.

The Circle of Diamonds Awards Program is a program of the National Association of RC&D Councils. Its purpose is to highlight the positive impact that RC&D Councils have upon the quality of life in their communities and to recognize the good stewardship of the non-profit RC&D Council. Circle of Diamond Members are publicly accountable and realize that their accountability directly relates to their Council’s structure, processes, and outcomes attained. Membership shows the honesty, integrity, and strong commitment by a Council to the RC&D mission. Membership in the Circle of Diamonds also shows compliance with various federal laws and regulations.

Some of the Circle of Diamond requirements of an RC&D Council include:

  • Having an open, neutral forum free from the control of any single individual, organization, agency, sector, political party, or interest group
  • Representing the diversity of its area (i.e., the makeup of its population, including ethnic, gender, and community interests)
  • Using the public input processes that set the Council’s overall policy and direction
  • Having officers who are capable and qualified to produce outcomes at the direction of the Council’s Board of Directors
  • Being recognized by IRS as a non-profit
  • Meeting at least quarterly, and annually reviewing the Council’s Area Plan and Annual Plan
  • Publishing an Annual Report
  • Having a current Area Plan and Annual Work Plan on file

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