Separcd x DressHead Form Fitting Tank Top

Posted by   on: February 13th, 2011

Separcd x DressHead Form Fitting Tank Top – Bedazzled Design Near The Breasts

This form fitting tank top inspired by separcd and will show off your curves while leaving some things to the imagination. The bedazzled design near the breasts will draw the eyes of all who see you. Pair with a nice pair of slimming jeans and some black, strappy sandals for a fun night out with friends. Wear it with a form fitting mini for a night of dancing and fun. It comes in five distinct colors: black, white, deep apricot, emerald, and azure. Show off your fashionable tendencies by wearing this awesome tank top! Wear it with a nice blazer for a day in the office. The sparkles on the front will give you a fun but classy look. Or wear it with you on holiday, and wow the locals. You simply cannot go wrong with this tank top.

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