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Ridley Home ImageRidley Dam Removal Project
The removal of the Sharpless Dam is done! As part of our ongoing efforts to protect and improve the region’s water resources, SEPA RC&D Council was a partner of an effort to restore Ridley Creek in Delaware County to a free flowing stream. Located between the City of Chester and Taylor Arboretum, the Sharpless Dam was an old mill dam constructed in the 1700’s. No longer used for its intended purpose, it was an impediment to fish migration and a public safety hazard. Over the last 100 years, several people have died while trying to swim near the dam.

Removal of this old mill dam will help fish and other aquatic life migrate freely up and down the stream. Fish, such as shad, will be able to return from the ocean and spawn in the headwaters of Ridley Creek - something that has not happened in nearly 300 years. In addition, studies have shown that when dams such as these have been removed, there has been an increase in macro-invertebrates found in a stream.

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